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Mississippi gulf coast
Security Patrol in Gulfport, Ms
Serving the Mississippi Gulf Coast since 2008
  • We work for YOU
  • We respond to emergency and non emergency calls to your location
  • We are often to your property well before emergency service
  • We are extremely familiar with the property and the people
  • We will check all of your assets
  • We will lock facilities
  • We will deter crime by showing a regular presence
  • We will enforce YOUR rules
  • We will save you time and money

Patrol is a very flexible and affordable service that can be used to prevent or end troubles on your property during the times that you cannot be there. Talk to us about having our team come out an assess your property and address your needs. We have a very skilled team of patrol officers that can help you keep your property and people safe.

Here are some reasons that our vehicle patrol service can work for you

vehicle patrol division

​All of our security services include an on call phone # that can be distributed to whomever the client chooses
​We are one of the most dependable security guard companies on the coast
We use a state of the art electronic reporting system. Reports are in your email inbox after every shift
We have redundant check in systems for our officers to ensure their location and safety
We have a quality control system to ensure that our clients are receiving the highest level of security we offer

This service is very useful when on-site security is not be necessary or cost effective. It is a very successful deterrent to crime and theft in most situations. Patrol services offer armed security officer(s) in marked or unmarked vehicles. The officer checks the premises by vehicle and on foot in all non-restricted areas. All locking devices are checked and secured and a log is kept of all activity. The patrolled property is checked throughout the night depending on the needs of the client.