1A Professional Protection


Mississippi gulf coast

There are many types of on site security guard services, here are just a few that we offer

We believe in keeping businesses and communities safe while building and maintaining excellent relationships with the client and the patrons of the client's business. We offer trained, professional officers that will provide the highest quality of security service that can be provided. Our team of skilled security officers are ready to ​provide you with a safe business or community

Security Guard Service
Serving the Mississippi Gulf Coast since 2008

on site security division

  • Uniformed Armed Officers
  • Uniformed UnArmed Officers​
  • Plain Clothed Officers
  • ​Commercial Property Security
  • ATM Escorts
​​All of our security services include an on call phone # that can be distributed to whomever the client chooses
We are one of the most dependable security guard service on the coast
We use a state of the art electronic reporting system. Reports are in your email inbox after every shift
We have redundant check in systems for our officers to ensure their location and safety
We have a quality control system to ensure that our clients are receiving the highest level of security we offer

  • Special Events
  • Multi Family Housing          
  • Medical Facilities
  • Education Facilities​
  • ​Personal Protection